Our timing was perfect in 2021, as the EU had just opened up to tourists from the US and we hit a low point in new Covid cases. It was such a relief to be able to travel again, and life seemed to be almost normal (except for the masks). The weather was great, with only one brief bit of light rain/heavy mist. Much of the group met up in Strasbourg before the trip and enjoyed the city, then headed to Hesse to pick up the boats.

The Arzviller Boat Lift was the highlight of the next day, after carefully threading the two tunnels on the way. An unusual experience to say the least, standing on your boat while riding an elevator down the hill! Saverne was lovely, and the brewery at Hochfelden kept the beer flowing after our tour.

Heading back, we had a little timing error with the boat lift, and got trapped at the entrance to the tunnel for the night. Fortunately the people at the Auberge Altenburger were very helpful, sending a car to pick up our wayward crew and get us to the restaurant.

It was a lot of fun, and so good to be out in the world again!