Next up: Canal du Midi


For 2023, we’re headed back to the Canal du Midi, but going further east than our earlier trip. The warmth of the south, great seafood, and plentiful wines should make an excellent combination! More

Ups, Downs and Throughs: Alsace 2021

Covid 19 gave us a break at just the right time in 2021, and the trip planned and arranged before anyone even heard of Covid was able to go off on schedule. It was fantastic getting to travel again, and the Alsace region was waiting for us. Elevators, tunnels and so much more were in store. Our intrepid group hit locations in Germany, Austria and the French Alps before meeting up in Hesse to start the cruise. More

Rollin on the River: Thames 2019

2019 was a good year to travel, ahead of the coming Covid 19 pandemic. Our intrepid crew spent a week on a leisurely trip down the river toward London. Rowing races, great estates, dinner on the bank looking at Windsor Castle and plenty of pubs made for a lovely time. More

Inglorious Bastides: Aquitane 2017

Southern France and the Canal Lateral a la Garonne was the destination in 2017. Our dirty dozen, on three boats, cruised from Castelsarrasin west to Le Mas d’Aginais. We took a side trip up the River Baise to Nerac, finding out just why it’s necessary to pull in the fenders while in narrow locks! More

Water Over the Bridge: Loire Valley, 2015

Fantastic cuisine was the highlight of the Loire Valley trip. The Hotel de la Gloire, where we met before getting on the boats, set a high bar for the rest of the trip. Along the way, we found goat cheese at a local farm, lots of local wines, and more great restaurants. MORE

Down the Hole: Alsace Lorraine 2014

Alsace Lorraine was the destination for 2014, with a combination of local cuisine (German food as cooked by the French), lighter white wines and forested countryside. Things didn’t go off per the original plan, with some fast rework required due to a canal closure. It all came together, though, and we had a great time. More

All Hung Up: Canal du Midi 2012

The Canal du Midi is steeped in history, and the story of it’s construction is remarkable. With the rows of plane trees along the side, it is the quintessential french canal. Our trip started with driving rain, but after that wet start we had great weather the rest of the trip. MORE

Dragooned in the Lagoon: Venice 2010


Taking your own boat past the Doge’s Palace in Venice is an amazing experience. Our trip started in Casier, went down the Sile River to the lagoon and Venice, and was followed by a trip up the Brenta to Padua. The 9/11 Memorial in Padua was right next to our moorings, providing a dramatic backdrop. MORE

Blotto in the Grotto: Canal du Nivernaise 2008

Our first European canal bot trip, and it was a beautiful trip that turned into a biennial tradition. The canal still has manual locks and lock-keepers which add to the charm. Neolithic cave art was on the agenda as well.